Alaska Rescue - Training for Swiftwater Rescue, Rope Rescue, Ice Rescue , Industrial Rope Rescue, Motorized and Non-Motorized Boat Training, OSHA, NIMS and/or NFPA Compliant . US Coast Guard approved 100 Ton & OUPV (Captain's or 6 pack license) and Restricted OUPV on the Freshwater and Rivers of Western Alaska

USCG Approved Courses

Restricted OUPV Guide on the Freshwater and Rivers of Western Alaska

The OUPV Guides Restricted to the Freshwaters and Rivers of Western Alaska is a 3-day course designed for the Alaska Guides carrying 6 passengers of less on the designated rivers and freshwater of Alaska. It is a USCG accredited course, which means that the exams are administered during the 3-day course. Upon successfully completing the course, students receive a certificate that must be submitted to the USCG along with the other USCG documents required for your final application to the USCG.

There are NO prerequisites, other that being 18 years of age to take the course for the exams. There are 3 written exams - a 40 question Deck General (DG) exam, a 30 question Rules of the Road (ROR) exam, and a 10 question Navigation General (NG) exam. There are also 2 practical exams - one to demonstrate that you know 7 knots, and the other to demonstrate a clear, complete. and concise MAYDAY call for the instructor. All course information is covered in the course. On successful completion of all 5 exams you will receive a certificate on the last day of the class to include in your final application to the USCG Regional Exam Center (REC).

The license is valid only on the lakes and rivers designated by Officer in Charge of Marine Inspection for Western Alaska. Other Coast Guard licensing requirements that are not included in this course are First Aid/CPR training and 120 days sea time.

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100 Ton (6 Pack) Course

This course is for anyone with boating experience interested in obtaining a US Coast Guard license. Course topics include navigation, seamanship, safety and rules of the road.

The US Coast Guard (USCG) has approved the course and instructor for third party testing and a UAS Certificate of Completion is accepted as a substitute for testing by the Coast Guard. Students should plan to spend significant time studying on their own, in addition to the 80 hours of classroom instruction and it is recommended that students begin reading the Rules of the Road prior to the beginning of the class.

After completing the course, students have one year to fulfill other USCG requirements including documenting sea time, First Aid/CPR, physical examination, drug test, character references and proof of citizenship.